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I am part of a multi-generation Colorado native family. After a  recent change in my employment status as an accomplished Information Technology professional predominately serving the Healthcare industry, I was fortunate enough to enjoy a nearly year long sabbatical and reflect on my future. I came to the conclusion that although I have enjoyed my time spent working in IT, my true passion and personal satisfaction lies in working with my hands and in particular working with wood.

You see, from a very early age my father, who is the epitome of a master craftsman, I was exposed to pride of accomplishment, attention to detail and appreciation of exceptional quality workmanship in a diverse array of skills. Growing up in what was then more of a rural than suburban area of Colorado, we didn't have the economic luxury or access to professional resources to hire out for things that we needed or wanted done. So  partially driven by necessity but perhaps mostly, driven by the love of a good challenge, the desire to create and recognition that the work done by others rarely measured up to our quality expectations we did it ourselves.

With my father and mother mentoring my brothers and I along the way, there seemed to be nothing that we couldn't accomplish. Tile, brick, stone, concrete, furniture, cabinets, bookshelves, picture frames, leaded stain glass, doors, windows, sheds, landscaping, cabins, houses, greenhouses, garages...we did it all and in the process, I fell in love with working with wood.

As I grew up and started my own family I continued the family tradition of self sufficiency and honed my skills further. In addition to fulfilling our own personal construction needs I hired myself out to family, friends and neighbors on their projects and over the course of 40 years developed a reputation that spread to the point where I was forced to turn projects away because, well honestly, my "day job" limited my time and availability.

It was nearing the end of my sabbatical and I was  somewhat torn about continuing my career in IT but realizing that I no longer wanted to work in a broken Healthcare system, that mother, God bless her, asked me why I didn't consider doing what I really loved to do instead and invest my time and energy accordingly.  

Now living on a farm in Weld county and seeing and hearing how difficult it is for folks in this rural NE area to find  someone who is capable of doing the type of work they need, I decided to launch Homestead Handy.

And I'm oh so  happy I did. I love what I do, the people I meet, the collaborative creations and sharing in their joy when they're projects come to fruition.

Give me a call! Maybe I can help you with your next project.